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Wednesday 28 January 2009

Peter Benson shows you how to complete your relief-carved house


You've got the all-important angles right so now is the time to give your carving real definition and perspective by adding the detail. Here's how.

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David Preece

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"Do not leave cut marks in the background as they will show up when you add oil or wax to your finished carving"

Top Tips

- Often we spend too much time trying to clear up and perfect a carving and this can result in losing the spontaneity that can be so attractive in a piece.
Setting high standards is important but achieving them can be a lengthy and frustrating process which is not always worth the effort. For example, removing all the pen or pencil marks is important for a natural finish but may not be if you are intending to paint the carving, as they will be covered
- When doing the trees concentrate on carving the shadows rather than the trees themselves. Look at real trees: the detail is often rather vague and it is the shadows that give them form