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Woodworking Crafts

Issue 31 of Woodworking Crafts focuses on the all-important topic of ‘technique,’ without which there can be no progress in crafts. Some of the techniques covered include drilling on the lathe with John Lovatt; Andrew Hibberd’s explanation of block print carving; using guide bushes; and choosing the right glues. Other ‘Projects’ include creating a contemporary cabinet with Kevin Lee; carving a seahorse letter opener from driftwood; and crafting beautiful votive candleholders. Our ‘Community’ pages explore inspiration cabinets; the properties and uses of sycamores; Kerryn Carter’s Sydney-based Toolschool; and the effects of the Great Storm 30 years on. As usual we also have a woodworking glossary, books reviews and the latest news and events. All this and more in Woodworking Crafts 31!

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