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Thursday 7 May 2009

This stylish contemporary book rack is not too hard to build, and looks great!

Mini Bookcase

This is a stylish and unusual way of keeping your magazines handy.

You'll need a biscuit jointer and biscuits, orbital sander, medium and fine abrasives, a large square, PVA glue and finally some finishing oil or varnish.

The shaped ends need to have the sides planed smooth after sawing, while the hand holes and the leg shape at the bottom are cut out using a jigsaw and then smoothed with a rasp and abrasive.

Once all the components are cut to size the biscuit slots are marked and cut. It is important to make sure that the slot positions on both ends match, so mark one end panel off the other.

Having machined all the slots, use the router table and fence with a roundover cutter to form a full roundover profile on all non-jointed edges plus the feet. Sand everything to a finish and assemble with biscuits and PVA glue. Finally apply a suitable hardwearing finish to suit.

David Preece

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