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Friday 9 October 2009

Get on the same page as Fred and Julie Byrne with these great designs


Make giving that book just a little more special with a handmade and personalised bookmark, a relatively simple thing to make that can change an alright present into a great present! Smiles all round then.

Top tip

If your scrollsaw does not to have a zero-clearance insert to support these thin woods while cutting out the small fragile pieces, you can improvise by making a false tabletop from either plywood or Perspex, as we have used.

First cut a piece of Perspex to the approximate size of your scrollsaw table. Use a strip of masking tape to mark the place where the blade goes up through the table, then draw in a pencil line and make the cut (see photo 1).

Secure the Perspex to the table by placing masking tape on the four corners.

Getting started

Make a copy of the patterns, and prepare the surfaces by sanding with 240grit sandpaper. (see photo 2).

Cut the wood (two from each) into six lengths measuring 300 x 100mm (117/8 x 4in). Then stack the six layers together (see photo 3) and secure with the masking tape to prevent movement while cutting (see photo 4).

It’s also far easier to remove masking tape from the thin wood than a well glued on pattern.

Align and glue the patterns in place over the masking tape using the glue stick (see photo 5).

Fit the pillar drill with the 1mm drill bit and drill all the blade entry holes (see photo 6). Thread the blade through each hole in turn to remove the waste material (see photo 7), remembering to check the squareness of the blade each time to insure that the bottom of the stack is identical to the top.

Continue to cut out all the inner pieces (see photo 8) and then to finish cut around the perimeters (see photo 9).

Next, carefully remove the masking tape and patterns (see photo 10) and then lightly sand any burr from the edges.

Lastly apply a finish of you choice.

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What You Will Need

Scrollsaw – No.2 Blade
Pillar Drill – 1mm & 3mm drill bit
3 x 0.8mm wood panels, 1 each of Walnut, Obeche & Mahogany (obtained from under materials)
Extra wide masking tape
240grit Sandpaper
Glue Stick
Finish of choice