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Tuesday 7 April 2015

Einhell now has a standardised range of cordless tools that utilise the same 18V Li-ion battery system. We take a look at the new Power X Change range


The range is in the familiar Einhell red livery and initially consists of the following tools: cordless drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, jigsaw, multi-sander and angle grinder, plus garden tools - lawn trimmer, multi-function tool, hedge trimmer and lawnmower. These are supported by an intelligent fast charger and three sizes of battery - 1.5Ah, 3Ah and 5.2Ah - depending on the application and need. Also, the batteries can be ganged in pairs, in the case of the lawnmower, rather than needing an extra large single battery. No doubt in time other tools will join the range as it develops.


Einhell have introduced the elements seen in other up-to-date lithium-ion powered tools, including active battery management, so the charge state of each battery cell is monitored, including the ambient temperature so the batteries perform correctly. They offer a full after sales service and spares too.


If you are in the market for a versatile range of well specified cordless tools at reasonable prices, then the Power X Change range is well worth checking out. See opposite for details of the tools featured here.

Briony Darnley

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The Numbers

Impact Drill TE-CD 18-2Li
Power: 18V
Battery capacity: 1.5mAh
Charge time: approx. 30 mins
Idle speed: 0-320rpm/0-1,350rpm
Torque settings: 25
Max torque: 48Nm
Weight: 3.9kg
RRP: £104.99 (including battery and charger)
Impact Screwdriver TE-CI 18Li
Power: 18V
Battery capacity: 1.5Ah
Charge time: approx. 30 mins
Idle speed: 0-2,300rpm
Impact rate: 0-3.200rpm
Max. torque: 140Nm
Square-cut collet: 6.3mm
Weight: 1.45kg
RRP: £99.99 (including battery and charger)
Reciprocating Saw TE-AP 18Li
Power: 18V
Number of strokes: 0-2,600rpm
Stroke height: 22mm
Cutting depth in wood: 100mm
Cutting depth in steel: 6mm
Weight: 1.62kg
RRP: £49.99 (bare unit)
Cordless Jigsaw TE-JS 18Li
Power: 18V
Number of strokes: 2,400rpm
Stroke height: 25.4mm
Cutting depth in wood: 80mm
Cutting depth in plastic: 12mm
Cutting depth in steel: 10mm
Weight: 1.82kg
RRP: £49.99 (bare unit)
Multi-Sander TE-OS 18Li
Power: 18V
Idle speed: 12,000rpm
Oscillations: 24,000rpm
Sanding paper: 93 x 60 x 105mm
Oscillating circuit: 1.6mm
Weight: 0.8kg
RRP: £24.99 (bare unit)
Angle Grinder TE-AG 18Li
Power: 18V
Idle speed: 8,500rpm
Disc: 115mm dia.
Cutting depth max: 2mm
Weight: 1.5kg
RRP: £39.99 (bare unit)