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Tuesday 25 October 2011

Matt Long takes a look at a tasty little Festool


Matt Long takes a look at a tasty little Festool

What do you want? A 10.8v drill/driver? Well, how about a Festool... for all of £250? That's what I thought... how much?

Now, obviously, Festool is a top marque for powertools, and we know they have a price tag to match. So, is a 10.8v drill driver worth £250? (Of course that includes a box full of extras, as you can see.)

Out of the box, the drill looks and feels just right. It's comfy in the hand and not heavy, but feels solid. The wrap around handle looks a bit ungainly at first, but allows for Festool's snap in battery, which fits very easily indeed. The front of the wrap around handle also has a clip for fitting to your tool belt.

To test out its prowess, I went straight for the jugular. As the max drill size allowed for wood was 12mm, I got out my good set of spur drill bits and slapped in the 12mm, and went straight for a bit of oak. The result... one hole drilled to full drill depth with little trouble. I had to pull out and clear chippings a few times, but this is only a 10.8! And as for screwdriving, well just as easy.

The drill itself is packed with features. The variable speed trigger is comfortable and has a forward/reverse switch for lefties and righties. There's a very bright worklight, and the usual two-speed selector for drilling and screwing. The drill's batteries and motor have electronic protection, and there's a 12-position torque ring on the front of the drill, connected to a solid clutch.

The drill also comes with three easy fit chucks: a push-in fast fix chuck, a no-key chuck, and a very useful right angled chuck adapter, which can be fitted in any one of 16 directions.

If your battery runs out, the worklight flashes to let you know, and if it overheats and cuts out, there's no flashing to indicate this too.

The verdict

For a whopping £250, this drill had better be good, and it is. It's trade-rated, so most of us would struggle to justify the cost... but if you want to spend, spend, spend, it's a good 'un.

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At A Glance

Powerful for effortless working
Well balanced and compact
Battery and motor protection
2 x 1.3Ah batteries
FastFix elbow adaptor
Two chucks: 8mm FastFix chuck and Centrotec tool chuck
Centrotec bit holder, PZ2 screwdriver bit
MXC pulse charger
New style Systainer T-LOC case

The Numbers

Model: CXS Li 1.3 set
Battery no/capacity: 2 x 1.3Ah
Battery voltage/type: 10.8V Li-ion
Charge time: 25mins (80 percent), 45 min (full charge)
Chuck cap/type: 8mm keyless & Centrotec
Max cap steel: 8mm
Max cap wood: 12mm
Nett weight: 900g
Rating: industrial
Speed: 0-400 & 0-1,200rpm
Torque and settings: 16Nm - 12
Price: £247.20 inc VAT

Pros & Cons

A heck of a price tag

Where To Buy

Contact: Festool
Tel: 01284 760 791

5 Star Rating

Value for money: 4/5
Performance: 5/5
Build quality: 4/5