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Tuesday 19 August 2008

Mark Cass puts this Draper 18V combi to the test


Most woodworkers I know have at least two cordless drills on hand, but that doesn't stop manufacturers from trying to get everything you need into one tool. This latest drill from Draper Tools Ltd, one of the relaunched Expert range, offers close to the lot.

In use

The chuck runs true, and seems certain of rugged endurance, especially on those masonry jobs where the screw-fit auxiliary handle really comes into its own. The battery is a touch on the heavy side, but nonetheless seems to balance the drill quite nicely, and the spare means you've always got one ready to go.

The torque adjustment ring is easy yet positive, although the speed selector switch is a bit overdone and could be improved, unlike the direction switch which is right on the money for both left- and right handed users.

The verdict

If you're looking for one cordless drill to do everything you could do a lot worse than this, but if you've a lot of overhead work planned you might like to consider something a bit lighter.

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"If you are looking for one cordless drill to do everything you could do a lot worse than this"

The Numbers

Draper Expert Combi Drill
Price: expect to pay around £150 inc. VAT
Battery (x 2): 18V nickel cadmium
Charger: 1 hour
Drilling capacities: Wood 38mm (1 1/2in), Metal 13mm (1/2in), Masonry 16mm (5/8in)
Revs per minute: 0-1300
Blows per minute: 17,000
Weight: 2.7kg
Stock no.: 41426

Useful worklight

Contact Details

Contact: Draper Tools Ltd
Tel.: 012380 266355