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Tuesday 19 August 2014

We look at this clever system from Evolution Power Tools, which is ideal for carrying in the back of your van


The EVO System currently consists of a frame mounted, mobile four-stroke petrol engine that can be teamed with one of three different mountable accessory units: a generator, pressure washer and a suction pump. The engine unit is the core of what could be a much bigger system if Evolution decide to expand the range. The four-stroke is a Mitsubishi engine, which has a special coupling plate connected to it which all the accessories attach to. A flip-down frame is hinged to the main frame mounting so each unit can sit firmly in place on it. The whole thing has a pull-along handgrip and a sprung foot-actuated lock for the wheels. There are three rubber-bushed feet underneath to support the accessory frame.


This system is aimed at tradesmen and comes with sufficient power to do real work. Whether you want to pressure wash a muddy tractor, pump a pond dry or power a big angle grinder, then this unit is equipped to cope.

Briony Darnley

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The Numbers

Manufacturer: Evolution Power Tools
Model: EVO System
Engine Unit: EVOMITS
Engine: Mitsubishi four-stroke single cylinder 181cc - 6HP
Fuel type: Standard unleaded
Engine speed: 3,150rpm (governed)
Tank capacity: 3.8 litres
Starter: Recoil
Weight: 29.1kg
RRP: £249.99
PW3200 Pressure Washer
Rated pressure: 175bar (2,500psi)
Max pressure: 220bar (3,200psi)
Flow rate: 8 litres/min
Protection: Thermal relief valve
Hose fitment: 1in BSP thread - comes with hose adaptor
Supplied with lance and 6m hose
Detergent: 300mm reservoir
Weight: 8.1kg
RRP: £119.99
DWP1000 Dirty Water Pump
Inlet and outlet: 75mm diameter
Pump lift: 28m
Flow rate: 1,000 litres/min
Supplied with pipe connectors and clips and an inlet strainer
Weight: 10.7kg
RRP: £119.99
GEN2800PUK Generator
Generator type: Self-exciting, two-pole rotating field
Voltages: 110/230V AC switchable
Power rating: 50 Hz-2.4kw continuous/2.8kw maximum
Weight: 20.1kg
RRP: £119.99 (prices inc VAT)