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Friday 3 October 2008

Rob Sandall and Michael Huntley find that high standards can be affordable


The first thing to note about the British-designed table saw range is that everything feels decidedly sturdy and well thought-out.

The clear acrylic factory-fitted crown guard is a clever and safe idea, each side of the guard moving independently, increasing protection as you move your wood through. The riving knife is machined well, and adjustable by removal of the table insert. The insert also had screws to allow it to be adjusted flush: a thoughtful inclusion. Similarly, the mitre guide, which ran true, had strips for adjustment: adaptability and accuracy are watchwords.

The face of the fence is an extrusion - one that can take a high or low profile - but one mounted on a solid steel bar and carriage, and one that enables quick and easy fine-tuning. To help your accuracy, a clear double-haired viewfinder does a good job once you're used to it, and you can mount this on either side of the bar. Locking down doesn't present problems either: the fence sits straight across the table.

Build quality

On the theme of robustness, hand wheels were impressively easy to lock, with no give at all, and the starter motor keeps the user safe and in control. Safe, too, is the process of changing blades. You have plenty of room to manouevre, and an included spanner - which you can hang on handy hooks on the side of the unit - will do the job.

Inside, the gearing is chunky and looks very reliable, while easy access allows for adequate extraction. Side and rear extension tables are also available, along with the option of wheels and elevation stands to fascilitate using the unit on uneven ground.

There are T30 and T50 models available, the key difference being that there's 762mm rip to the right of the blade on the former, and 1270mm on the latter.

The verdict

There's a general assumption that paying cheap will leave a customer not too happy at all. Considering that right now Deft are going by their introductory price, for under £800 you're getting one hell of good machine: when quality is this affordable, it's time to take action

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"For under £800 you are getting one hell of good machine!"

The Numbers

Deft Table Saws
Prices (correct at time of publication):
T30: £795
T50: £1195
Cast iron table width: 1020mm
Cast iron table depth: 762mm
Height to table: 860mm
Mitre slots: 2 x 19mm x 9.5mm
Table to front of blade: 311mm
Maximum saw blade: 250mm or 10" / 30mm arbour
Rip to right of blade: T30 - 762mm, T50 - 1270mm
Maximum cutting depth: 80mm, 57mm at 45 degrees
Power: 3HP or 2200watts
Transmission: 3 x V belt drive
Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm
Weight: 230KG

It certainly looks impressive, but has the substance to back the style

Contact Details

Contact: Lyndhurst Woodworking
Tel.: 01454 413110