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Tuesday 21 August 2012

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Ultimate Workbench Pt 1

4 June 2018

Anthony Bailey and Michael Huntley make the ultimate workbench in part one of this two part series


Inlaid boxes

12 December 2016



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The Numbers

GCM 10 SD Sliding compound mitre saw:
Motor input: 1,800W
No-load speed: 5,000rpm
Saw blade diameter: 254mm
Saw blade bore: 30mm
Cutting capacity, 0 degrees: 85 x 305mm
Cutting capacity, 45 degrees mitre: 85 x 216mm
Cutting capacity, 45° degrees incline: 50 x 305mm
Mitre setting: 52 degrees L / 60 degrees R
Incline setting: 47 ° L / 46 ° R
Weight: 27kg
Price: Sliding compound mitre saw - £697.20; GTA 2500 W mobile workbench - £336
GTS 10 J tablesaw:
Table size: 642 x 572mm
Motor input: 1,800W
No-load speed: 3.650rpm
Saw blade diameter: 254mm
Saw blade bore: 30mm
Incline setting: 47 degrees L / 2 degrees R
Max cut height: 79mm
Max. cutting capacity on the right: 460mm
Max. cutting capacity on the left: 210mm
Weight: 26kg
Price: Tablesaw - £598.80; GTA 600 workstand - £118.80
GAS 25 extractor
Rated power input: 1,200W
Capacity: 25 litre
Container volume, gross: 25 litre
Container volume net water: 16 litre
Container volume net dust: 20 litre
Filter surface: 43mm2
Filter use category: BIA M
Max. airflow: 61 l/sec (at blower)
Max. ventilating pressure: 248 mbar (at blower)
Weight: 12.7kg
Price: £314 (all prices SSP inc VAT)