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Friday 17 September 2010

Fred and Julie Byrne test the Scheppach Deco 405 scrollsaw


The scrollsaw is a much valued tool in any workshop. The cutting depth ranges from 1-50mm and it cuts many different materials with lots of blades available. The scrollsaw creates both intricate and chunkier works of art.

First impressions

Our first impression of the saw is that it is solidly constructed and all controls are clearly visible. The table is a good size and easily adjustable to 45 degrees on both sides using the table lock button. When placing the table back to 0 it clicked into the correct position. We then checked to see if the blade was at 90 degrees to the table and it was bang on; this can be troublesome on some machines where you think it's set correctly and as soon as you tighten the nut, it moves a degree or two off.

To change the blade the table has to be set at 45 degrees to the right to enable access to the release peg screw. This could become quite tiresome if regularly changing the blade during a project. We also noticed there was a slight time delay when starting up before the machine leapt into action. Due to this, we would recommend starting at a low speed before building up to the required speed.

In use

During our testing we decided to attach a pattern to a piece of 19mm pine to see if the machine could follow a pattern accurately, and it was totally fine. The quick release lever was fast and simple to use, and a real advantage when making the inner cuts.


It looks like Scheppach have thought of almost everything. The 405 has excellent features, including variable speed with a smooth cutting action. The quick blade release is essential for most scrollers. All this comes as standard, and at half the price of some other scrollsaws on the market, the Deco 405 is great value for money for beginners.

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At A Glance

Large cast iron table: 310 x 480mm
Cutting height/depth: 50/405mm
Variable speed from 500 to 1500rpm
Table adjustment from 0 to 45degrees both sides
Flexible work light
Built-in storage box for blades

Pros & Cons

User friendly controls
Variable speed
Flexible work light
Good size work tabletop
Dust extractor
Table tilt to change the blade

The Numbers

Model: Deco 405
Measurements: L W H 800 x 295 x 465mm
Table size: 310 x 480mm
Max cutting height/depth: 50mm/406mm
Stroke movement: 17mm
Stroke speed: 500-1500rpm
Table slanted position: left: -45 degrees to +45 degrees
Weight: 20.5kg
Intake capacity: 35mm
Motor performance: 230V/50Hz
Intake performance: 225P1W
Decibel level: 74.5dB (A)
Price just under £300 inc VAT