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Tuesday 7 May 2013

Anthony Bailey looks at one of the latest circular saws from Einhell


Einhell, like all power tool manufacturers, are finding new and inventive ways to bring us tools with a plug on. We’ve had plenty of large portable circular saws but not many this small, the nearest equivalent being biscuit jointers with 100mm diameter blades 4mm thick. The Einhell BT-CS 860 L has a blade diameter of just 85mm and a 1.6mm kerf. Two blades are supplied, a TCT one with 20 teeth giving a medium cut, and an 80 tooth fine-cut HSS version with quite long teeth. The upper blade housing has a separately switched, battery-powered laser aimer fitted which takes a large single flat battery cell. There is also a cut-depth stop and scale. The aluminium base has a tough plastic lower guard fitted with a lift lever with a bi-directional sprung push button to unlock the cutterhead, allowing the saw to plunge and cut. On the other side of the housing there is a small spout to which a plastic extraction outlet is attached. There is also a drive belt cover which unscrews if you need to fit the spare belt provided. A fence can be fitted for guidance and there are two Allen keys for blade changing. Lastly, the 450W motor is protected from overload and reset with a red push button.


It is often the case that we need to cut thinner boards or make slots without needing to use a larger saw or router, in the latter example. There are cordless circular saws but cost versus convenience make the Einhell an acceptable alternative. It’s a well-engineered bit of kit and gives a good result with enough power to cope. The fence is useful especially as projections on the machine preclude using a batten for guidance. The laser is useful for following a drawn line but fenced working is a safer option. Plunging is a one finger, one hand job so you can release the plunge lock. The plastic extraction spout fouls the fence lock knob so it’s one or the other. A handy tool but not developed to its full potential.

Tegan Foley

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At A Glance

Known brand
Good quality

The Numbers

]Manufacturer: Einhell UK
Model: BT-CS 860 L mini hand-held circular saw
Motor input: 450W
No load speed: 6,000rpm
Max. cut depth: 23mm
Blade dia.: 85mm x 1.6mm x 10mm bore
Weight: 2kg
Price: £54.99 (RRP Inc VAT)

Pros & Cons

Easy to handle
Good for manmade board
Awkward plunge lock

5 Star Rating

Versatility: 2/5
Performance: 3/5
Ease of use: 2/5