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Tuesday 7 October 2014

Anthony Bailey looks at this specially dedicated chisel mortising machine from Warco


There are several ways of machining mortises: router, chain or chisel and each has its merits and demerits. Where you get involved in regular work that needs mortises cut, it deserves a proper solution that delivers a good quality finish without further work needed, such as squaring routed sockets. For a very reasonable cost it's well worth considering the Warco CM2 with its 6-12 x 75mm deep chisel capacity. It takes up limited space and can work over the end of a bench for large components.

What it is

It features a geared column and piston return with vinyl type ridged pull-down handle. There is a top work clamp to stop components moving and the fence can be removed if needed. Workpieces can be clamped to the back of the fence and there is also a depth stop collar to limit the mortise depth. It is also worth noting that there is the larger, better specified CM3 floorstanding model if you need a more industrial solution.


This particular machine is compact but heavily built so it can cope with some serious work and yet not take up a lot of space in the workshop, which is good to know. This is good for the occasional run of work if you don't need a regular mortising facility.

Briony Darnley

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The Numbers

Model: CM2 chisel mortise machine
Motor input: 370W/230V
Spindle speed: 1,400rpm
Chisel capacity: 6-12mm
Mortising depth: 75mm
Drill chuck capacity: 1-13mm
Height: 780mm
Table size: 340 x 150mm
Base size: 320 x 200mm
Spindle to fence: 65mm
Chisel to table: 120mm
Headstock rotation: 0-360°
Weight: 31kg
Price: £175 (RRP inc VAT)

Where To Buy

Contact: Warco