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Wednesday 11 August 2010

Anthony Bailey gets charged up about a big idea from Ryobi


Ryobi already have perhaps the biggest range of interchangeable 18v cordless tools in their One Plus system, and now it becomes ever more versatile with the six port charger for those with a definite cordless tool addiction. Ryobi's system also includes a very useful vacuum cleaner for dealing with all those minor workshop messes, so here we take a look at both.

Ryobi CHV182 Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner will accept either the large or small Li-ion batteries, and it comes as a bare unit without charger or batteries. It's ruggedly built with a soft grip handle and a push slide switch. The front section with the spout contains a two-stage filter system, and the fine pleated filter can be unclipped to clean it. Underneath the spout is a narrow spout extension with a slide-out brush.


This is a tough and powerful vacuum cleaner ideal not only in the workshop picking up fine dust or large chippings, but good for cleaning the car or around the home.

Ryobi BCS618 One+ Six port charger

At first glance a six port charger seems excessive, but it makes perfect sense if you have bought into the One Plus system at any time since it was first created. So if you have, say, two or more One Plus tools and extra batteries, perhaps including some tools supplied as 'bare products, then this unit will charge all of your batteries whether NiCd or Li-ion. It is an intelligent charger so the steady and flashing lights indicate each battery-s status, whether charging, charge complete or damaged: it also maintains them by topping up every five days. Charging times vary depending on the battery. Since all the batteries clip into place, the charger can be carried from job to job and it has an optional wall mounting as well. Lastly, it incorporates an energy saving feature which also helps protect the batteries.


The perfect charging solution - thoroughly recommended!

Tegan Foley

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Good filtration

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Typical price: £19.95 inc VAT as a bare unit - no battery or charger
ryobi bcs618 one plus six-port charger at a glance
Novel solution
Intelligent charging
Multiple battery types
Typical price: £72 inc VAT