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Tuesday 10 September 2013

We take a look at this new abrasive from Mirka - the newest addition to the dust-free Abranet family


We take a look at this new abrasive from Mirka - the newest addition to the dust-free Abranet family

Just when you might have thought a good thing couldn't get any better, Mirka have now introduced a new and tougher version of their renowned Abranet abrasive, which is called Abranet Ace. We took some of the abrasive discs for a spin.

More choice

Abranet and Abranet Ace share certain things in common and look, to the untrained eye, to be identical. Abranet is composed of granules of synthetic aluminium oxide, which are glued to a polyamide fabric mesh with phenolic resin. It comes in grits from P80 right up to P1,000 - there is a very wide range. Abranet Ace covers a more limited range of grits from P80 to P800. It uses ceramic granular material to allow it to cut faster and last longer than the standard variety. All Abranet abrasives will successfully abrade almost any material you can think of, from hardwood to steel and anything else in between such as plastics, lacquers and copper alloys. Abranet Ace does all this and more, which makes it even more efficient and productive than ever.


For anyone not familiar with Abranet, it is available in a variety of sizes, including discs, and attaches directly to hook-and-loop systems. The mesh stays cooler in use than paper abrasives, it doesn't get clogged and it is extracted across the entire surface area. Abranet works like a dream and makes conventional paper-backed abrasive discs seem a little passe.

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The Numbers

Bonding: Resin over resin
Grain: Ceramic/ceramic coated
Coating: Closed
Colour: Grey
Grit range: P80-P240, P320-P800
Backing: Net
Suitable for:
Automotive refinishing
Wood processing
Composites processing
Vehicle manufacturing
Suitable materials:
Solid surface
Price: From £27.54 (Box of 50 75mm discs)