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Hello everyone and welcome to the September issue of Woodworking Crafts


Anthony Bailey

30 July 2019

Be prepared
Well, it’s September already and the year is cracking on – how time has flown. I’m pleased to say that my lovely logstore, which featured in the April issue, has been full of split and round logs since spring. Normally, lots of fine ‘checks’ (cracks in wood) are considered a disaster, but not in wood that is intended for burning, a sign everything has dried out nicely. Now is a good time to be prepared for the coming winter, I hope you are too?

Hello everyone and welcome to the August issue of Woodworking Crafts


Anthony Bailey

1 July 2019

Our feature this month is about Tudor shipwrights. I can’t help a wry smile, because the techniques they practised then and the tools they used persisted well into the 20th century. Indeed, during World War II, the ‘land girls’ were sometimes involved in the felling and conversion of timber, backbreaking work at the best of times, only made easier by the use of large circular sawmills, but otherwise tools such as axes were more basic and traditional. Some years ago I met an elderly gentleman at a woodworking show who had trained as a coffinmaker and regularly had to work a two- man pit saw, a cloth cap being necessary protection from the sawdust constantly falling on him as the unlucky man in the pit.


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