A Hot, Hot Summer


Anthony Bailey

Monday, September 10, 2018

I’ve been busy throughout the summer and lovely though the hot weather has been, it’s uncomfortable when the workshop gets unbearably hot. Because of the way it is built and insulated it actually gets worse towards the end of an afternoon as the heat finally seeps through, earlier in the day I just had to keep the doors shut although it made it a bit airless. Now the weather has broken for autumn it is a lot more pleasant and my workshop is finally after many years better organised and pleasant to work in. It is just as well as I seem to have a stream of articles for restoration and the increased bench space has come just in time. 
I seem to be using my new Oregon electric chainsaw a lot. The other day a very old cankered apple tree from my late father-in-law’s garden had to come down and then be processed into usable chunks for projects and also firewood. A chance to practice felling technique - limbing, then a gob cut, a back cut leaving a hinge at the base, it dropped neatly to ground where I wanted it. More to cut and store but it costs me nothing!

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