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Anthony Bailey

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I never seem to be short of jobs that need doing at home, and sometimes they inspire articles in the magazine too. Actually I’ve just thought of one but I won’t tell you what it is right now, but it should get into print.

Last Easter weekend my designated task was removing our existing large ceramic kitchen sink to get rid of water and damp issues and replace it with something more suitable. That took several days to complete but, with help from my wife, I also cleared the mess in the workshop as well. The whole family use the workshop so there are competing claims for space but it is now quite respectable and pleasant to work in – let’s hope it stays that way!

So now, this weekend among other tasks, I have to bring home a large drawer unit that once belonged in the local village mini-department store (we are talking about a long time ago). There are about thirty or more drawers that have the dust and muck of ages in them. What I need is warm, sunny weather soon, so I can blast the muck off with a hose to get them clean and then let them dry off outside. It sounds drastic but is better and safer than dry dusting, before stripping off the damaged varnish.

Then of course there is our pirate-themed garden complete with a beach, a small pool and an area like the deck of a ship fitted with cannons – really! After winter it is always in a grim state so we need to get it all scrubbed and ready for a summer. Well, we can hope. All the woodwork needs de-greening, washing off and revarnishing where necessary and erecting the canopy – I mean ‘sail’. Do you get the idea that I never rest? Maybe when this is all done I might just be sipping a cocktail or two in the dying rays of the setting sun, but probably wrapped in a heavy overcoat - brrrh!!!!

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