New Year, New Aspirations


Anthony Bailey

Thursday, January 11, 2018

I think we all greet a new year with new hopes and aspirations. The days slowly lengthen and the sun seems to shine more, even if spring plants haven’t awakened yet from their slumbers. Pre-Christmas was a mad rush in our household trying to get the bathroom refurbishment done before everyone turned up.

The new bathroom vanity unit waiting for its doors – made from wipe clean cellular plastic – see Woodworking Crafts Issue 36 for more

I got there in time and of course the festivities, when they arrive, seem to be over all too quickly. Christmas seems a bit like a form of collective madness we all feel the need to go through – meet, eat and drink to excess, then detox i.e. return to a normal diet and lifestyle and move on…

My busy workshop now with lots of LED batten light fittings to give good illumination everywhere

Well, my moving on involved replacing inadequate workshop lighting with ten four-foot-long, low cost LED batten lights in my workshop. Finished, they quite literally shine a light in every dark corner, so bright sunglasses are advisable and it’s cheap to run too. What better way to encourage me back into my own workshop and get busy?

Although it isn’t obvious from the photograph, this compact built-in wardrobe has TG&V doors, ledged and braced on the reverse

I now have some free time each week so I have already been making a small built-in wardrobe understairs using TG&V boards, and doing an impossible balloon back chair restoration which will eventually feature in the magazine. Next task up is photographing some routers in use for which I suspect I shall need to create some jigs as I tidied up the old ones (in other words threw them away – doh!) Where is that jig when you actually, finally, really, do need it? Mm, I never learn. Anyway my super-bright workshop is frequently busy especially as I share it with the other crafty members of my family. 2018 looks set to be busier than ever. Well, I suppose there’s no point in slowing down. As the saying goes: "better wear out than rust away".

Until next time.

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