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Thursday, August 24, 2017

This week just gone, I have been ripping out our old bathroom sink and building a cabinet framework for a new (old), big and impressive sink which we paid £8 at our local recycling centre.

That, of course, was just the start of it. The softwood PAR framing, plus the plumbing parts including a nice new tap set and sprung pop up waste, cost ten times our initial outlay on this magnificent piece of porcelain. The new unit had to change position by ninety degrees meaning plumbing and electrics had to move first. I enjoy solder plumbing but compression fittings need a lot of force with a pair of Stillson wrenches to tighten them enough to avoid a high pressure flood event. Just as awkward, the sink is designed to go on a freestanding cabinet overhanging the sides and front and here was I, trying to use it as part of a fitted-in arrangement.

I found the very amenable circumstance of my newly set up drawing board area in the upstairs spare room, allowed me to accurately sketch out some of the awkward ‘interferences’ of sink edges, soil pipe, ‘viffer’ (air admittance valve), hot and cold feed pipes and the need to maximise storage in a compact but essential room.

Actually doing the work was something else again. Limited access and fitting framework around piping was a challenge. In business years ago I mostly made fitted furniture, but that was at least in big rooms in big houses with space to play with, no such luck here in our ‘bijou’ little cottage! Anyway the job is on hold for a week or so as we have our local art festival in full swing and we are hosting some of it, with a house full of family participants to boot. Hopefully when I get stuck into it again, it will be with renewed vigour and I'll get the job properly completed…..

Until next time.

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