It was hot, hot, hot!


Anthony Bailey

Monday, June 26, 2017

Honestly, we moan about bad weather and now we are all moaning about good weather. The hot summer sun is fantastic but it’s not the weather for getting anything useful done. Mornings are okay and evenings more so, but last weekend I was working outdoors part of the time, then a break in the cool of indoors and repeating this cycle several times during the course of the day for a bit of heat relief. Currently, having gone through various changes to domestic arrangements, I am on a mission to use up whatever timber and board I can, which saves money and helps clear the workshop, which is where all surplus materials go after each upheaval in the home. I always say a little smugly, that I never, ever buy wood to burn in the woodstove and that remains true. Each new project or task results not only in reusing old wood but the offcuts go straight in sacks for outside, undercover dry storage until winter time.

Not only that, we are arch recyclers with other stuff and take great care to sort and sift everything for the local recycling centre or to go to a charity shop or deserving folks we know. We have massive disguised water tanks in the garden storing collected rainwater, all the plants get watered this way, no hoses allowed on account of water metering. A problem with tank valves has meant draining one tank bit by bit in this hot weather, not the right time at all, but hopefully the end of the week should see some serious rain to refill the tanks again.

By living carefully and without waste, husbanding everything we possess, we feel we are living more sensibly and helping preserve a tiny bit of our fragile planet.

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