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Friday, May 26, 2017

Hi Everyone, I don’t know about you but like it or not I use social media rather a lot. Recently I seem to be doing quite a bit of Facebook and Twitter but my Pinterest, Instagram and this blog column have got a bit left behind. Truth is there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep updating them all, I do have a life outside the internet.

So what’s been happening since I was last on here? For me the biggest thing has to be teacher training, learning how to teach adults. The term is androgogy which basically teaching people old enough to know a lot of stuff but are still eager to learn, unlike teaching children or pedagogy meaning people who know less stuff and aren’t keen to learn – not in a formal setting anyway. Whether I go on to make use of this new-found skill is another matter entirely, it’s in the lap of the gods really.

At the same time I found myself co-opted on to a community hall committee with responsibility for maintenance - surprise, surprise. So I have been working through a list of tasks and doing most it myself apart from building work and electrics. I’ve also been working up long overdue risk assessments. It is my way to lead by example and it is interesting that other committee members seem more energised – or guilty and getting on with things, perhaps helped by my presence pushing to get work done.

The volunteer footpath group I belong to hasn’t seen much of me for a while but then I think I can be excused with the rest of my extra curricular workload. In any case most of the workdays have involved path clearance and not much woodwork e.g. waymark finger posts and stiles which are my speciality, so hopefully not much missed.

Soon however we will have the distinction of a SANGS (Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space) on our village boundary, which is a delightful piece of rolling parkland with natural features and wildlife which will become an area for dogwalkers (and anybody else) to enjoy. It is in mitigation of new housing within a 7km zone of Ashdown Forest to reduce the number of polluting car journeys to the Forest and the threat to ground nesting birds by dogs being walked. I have mixed feelings about it, but I still want to be involved in our work parties preparing and looking after it once the developer has got the site ready for public access.

Hey ho, another magazine to get out in the meantime, no rest for the wicked and no excuses for anyone with time on their hands, there is always something you can get involved with in your community, they definitely need you!

Until next time.

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