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Anthony Bailey

Friday, February 3, 2017

This year is turning out to be quite busy as I expected to be quite honest. I’m doing various work at one of our local community halls, I’ve now been co-opted on to the committee on account of my practical skills – sometimes it pays not to let people know you are quite good at dealing with problems….. Never mind, it keeps me busy. I’m also giving some woodwork tuition; I think it’s really important to work face-to-face with people rather than just in print. It keeps skills alive and it keeps them real. My workshop has never been tidier so it is a pleasure to be in, despite sharing it with my kids (all grown up but very craft orientated – not sure where they got that from….). So it’s busy time, but to make things easier but not in a good way, we had a couple of minor deaths in the family – a much loved guinea pig and my daughter Amber’s pet degu, a very intelligent and cute rodent of South American origin, but no more, they have passed on. It’s now just Charlie, our collie-cross dog, to keep the animal flag flying. It does make life a bit easier not having to worry about these little furry people and give more time to plan and carry out anything to do with woodwork or DIY. The garden, like everyone else’s, is rather soggy so at least I don’t need to worry about outdoor woodwork yet. However, I have some slightly rotted logs I was given and having stripped off the fungated bark I’m about ready to put them to the axe to rebuild our moderately depleted store of split logs for the woodburner. I reckon I still have over a years worth of dry and drying burning wood, recently laying into some peeling birch logs but there’s plenty left for next year.

Recently it has been suggested that the increased use of woodburning stoves has contributed to pollution and smog levels. This may well be true but if you own or are considering using a woodburner, be sure you are doing the right thing. If you live in a town or city there are pollution controls that must be obeyed. You need the right type of wood stove and check you are burning the correct fuel and using the correct stove settings. That way you can reduce your carbon footprint, but unfortunately as the population increases and the popularity of woodstoves as well, there are going to be problems even with this aspect of self-sufficiency. In life there are always difficult choices to be made!

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