Resolution met


Anthony Bailey

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Last weekend I finally finished clearing and reordering my own workshop; a folding table and all its contents on top and below, gone; stuff lying everywhere sorted carefully into new compartment cases; other stuff that might, but let’s face it, won’t be useful after all – chucked. So, for part of the festive break and after, I have steadily and determinedly worked around the whole workshop until I was satisfied the job was complete. It gets used by my family, so that is both the reason it became cluttered and why it desperately needed to be uncluttered, so we could all use it again without a sense of chaos and claustrophobia (incidentally the latter word sounds like a fear of Father Christmas – geddit?) In fact, that should be ‘santaphobia’ although pogonophobia (fear of beards) would do just as well. Enough of that trivia, my workshop is ready for action again. So, I’m feeling pretty good about getting it sorted, now I suppose I had better do some actual work.

I have four oak ‘mid-century’ chairs that need complete restoration and an early 20th century walnut chair styled after Louis XVI, with damaged cane work and legs. I also need to make my daughter Amber a shoulder knife in mahogany sized to suit her, as the top end of the handle needs to rest on her shoulder. It is used for specialised incised carving work and has to be quite ergonomically shaped. I have a softwood mock-up to work from, I now just need to do it for real……

Until next time.

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