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‘Discover Axminster Day' - 23 November 2017


Anthony Bailey

28 November 2017

This year’s ‘Discover Axminster Day’ was held at Walsall Football Stadium in the West Midlands.

Plumb Crazy- Editor's Blog


Anthony Bailey

24 August 2017

This week just gone, I have been ripping out our old bathroom sink and building a cabinet framework for a new (old), big and impressive sink which we paid £8 at our local recycling centre

In The Wings - On A Prayer


Anthony Bailey

24 July 2017

Last weekend us ‘amdram’ folk – the back stage crew that is - met up on the stage in our deserted village hall to try and sort out the scenery

It was hot, hot, hot!


Anthony Bailey

26 June 2017

Honestly, we moan about bad weather and now we are all moaning about good weather. The hot summer sun is fantastic but it’s not the weather for getting anything useful done. Mornings are okay and evenings more so, but last weekend I was working outdoors part of the time, then a break in the cool of  ...

Catch Up

Josh Alliston

26 May 2017

Hi Everyone, I don’t know about you but like it or not I use social media rather a lot. Recently I seem to be doing quite a bit of Facebook and Twitter but my Pinterest, Instagram and this blog column have got a bit left behind. Truth is there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep updating them all ...

Start as you mean to go on….

Anthony Bailey

3 February 2017

This year is turning out to be quite busy as I expected to be quite honest. I’m doing various work at one of our local community halls, I’ve now been co-opted on to the committee on account of my practical skills – sometimes it pays not to let people know you are quite good at dealing with problems… ...

Resolution met


Anthony Bailey

10 January 2017

Last weekend I finally finished clearing and reordering my own workshop; a folding table and all its contents on top and below, gone; stuff lying everywhere sorted carefully into new compartment cases; other stuff that might, but let’s face it, won’t be useful after all – chucked. So, for part of th ...

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