Come rain, come shine


Anthony Bailey

Monday, April 4, 2016

This last weekend typified English weather at it’s best and worst down here in Sussex. A chilly start followed by bright, warm spring sunshine, only to dampen the spirits by late afternoon on both days. I got lots of irritatingly delayed DIY jobs out of the way on Saturday and had the covers off my log stores to help dry next seasons burning logs so they would be ready to go when winter comes around again. In the evening we went for a walk on Eastbourne Pier in the driving rain, oh such fun!

Where once the dance hall/slot machine arcade stood until it burnt down in 2014, there is a perfect example of timber decking repair as if it had never even existed, although traders serving from their stalls on the promenade no doubt wonder if they will ever get back on the pier again.

The Sunday among other things, I started working on replacing life expired putty around the windows of our local church hall, not dealt with since it opened in the 1980s. Now today, I’m putting together the last pieces in the jigsaw that is the next issue of Woodworking Crafts. I never seem to be far from wood and its many and various uses…

Until next time.

Photographs top to bottom:

1. Decking in the rain – no suggestion the ‘Blue Room’ building ever existed

2. Harder than nails – aged putty that has really ‘given up the ghost’.


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