The sap is still rising?


Anthony Bailey

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Forgive me but here we are banging up against the festive holiday season and the weather is ridiculously mild, the complete opposite of early weather predictions! Daffodils have been seen in flower and nature generally is confused by this mildness. Let us hope these early arrivals aren"t nipped off in the bud so to speak, by a cold blast in the New Year.

An example of this rather perverse weather happened at the weekend. My brother-in-law Andy was helping his father-in-law Robert, take down a big heavy knarled walnut trunk. Robert had planted it about 56 years ago as a tiny sapling, but now its time had come. It was unstable and hard to maintain so it had to be felled. Andy"s day job is being in charge of a railway track gang, mainly tied to his desk and a computer so he was happy to get some chainsaw practice in. As an aside you might be interested to know, that although Andy and several of the team are qualified to use chainsaws of any size, the railway regulations only allow them to use a 15in bar model for line clearance due to insurance risk. Large trees have to be felled by contractors.

Anyway Andy soon had the tree down in several chunks which I bid for and he kindly chopped them up further at awkward branch junctions and cleaned the branch stubs off ready for me to seal all the cuts so they can be stored under dry cover for some years until air-dried ready for timber conversion.

However, due to the mild weather sap came pouring out especially when I stood them up outside the workshop. I probably can"t seal them now until drier weather next year the wood is so wet. So much for felling trees in winter!

Until next time.


1. That isn"t rainwater, it"s sap running across the ground…

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