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Anthony Bailey

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sunday just gone, Mrs B and myself drove up to the much anticipated European Woodworking Show, courtesy of Classic Handtools, who organise the event.

Saturday, by every account, was teeming and exceptionally busy throughout the site. Sunday was a little bit quieter for us, but more pleasant perhaps to wander around.

There was a very wide variety of demonstrations, talks and trade stands to choose from. Always good to see Nic Westermann forging ahead - an axe head, ably assisted by Woodworking Crafts green woodworking contributor Lee Stoffer.

Then we could watch Steve Woodley smooth-squaring beams with a side axe, there was carving aplenty including EWS stalwart Lenka Pavlickova with her spooky puppets, Sophie Heron and her converted VW "Volkswooden" camper van - off George Clarke"s Amazing Spaces - Fiona Kingdon"s complex scrollsaw work... honestly, the list was endless, with far too much to enter here.

Definitely a show to add to your calendar, but it is likely to be in 2017 next, as Classic Handtools" Mike Hancock will probably keep as a biennial event.

Well worth waiting for, we had a great day out and chatted to lots of people, definitely a "feel good" event!

Photographs top to bottom:

1. Nic Westermann and Lee Stoffer piercing the eye through and axe head blank

2. A very strange and disturbing, and yet fascinating, large scale carving by Jason-Turpin Thomson

3. Steve Woodley makes cutting a beam square with a side axe look easy, but the skill needed is incredible

4. An exquisitely carved and dyed deer head in BWA exhibition in The Granary building

5. No-one makes puppets quite like the quirky weird characters carved by Lenka Pavlickova

6. Why - if it isn"t Mrs B getting expert advice on using the marquetry donkey or chevalet from the master of marquetry himself - Yannick Chestang!

7. Sophie Heron outside her wood-lined VW Campervan, that looks like she is about to prepare an "al fresco" lunch...

8. The Wheat Barn comes into it"s own on occasions such as these - why it"s F&C contributor David Barron exiting left, no doubt in search of much needed refreshment…


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