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Anthony Bailey

Monday, April 20, 2015

I"ve chosen the title of this blog with care. I prefer the rather liberal interpretation of this expression which is "the outward appearance may change, but the fundamentals remain constant". What am I on about?

I was at Yandles Spring Show two weeks ago, manning the GMC magazine stand and chatting to visitors and stallholders alike.

The big news - apart from decent sunny weather - was that I was able to tell people that my current magazine - Woodworking Plans and Projects will be no more after the May issue. Instead I will be the launch editor of its successor, Woodworking Crafts. This news went down well when I explained what we were actually doing. The new magazine will cover a wider spread of woodworking topics backed up by a group of woodworking experts and with more reader participation. It will include everything from "green" woodworking and the environment, to cabinetry and things like scrollsaw, turning, pyrography, marquetry and the like. The old magazine had rather run its course and we felt, based on comments by readers, that we to "do different". We aren"t dumbing down, we want to engage people in a subject that has so much to offer but in a way that doesn"t always require lots of space, equipment and training. It needs to be approachable to anyone and everyone.

The first issue of the new magazine will be June Issue No.1, but actually on the newsagent shelves in mid May. Do look out for it, we think you"ll like it a lot but do let me have your comments, I"d like to know what you think of it.

So, outwardly of course it will change, but all those fundamentals of learning and fun will remain, so join us for the journey...

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Photographs top to bottom:

Yandles Spring Show

1. Woodcarver Gary Orange among these beautiful carved beasts

2. A crane called Derrick

3. Messing about on the River anyone?

4. "King" Crimson the "Cream" of Guitars? - Crimson Guitars...

5. How can David Barron concentrate with a crowd?

And Finally…

6. The new magazine - check it out!


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