A Hint Of Spring


Anthony Bailey

Monday, March 16, 2015

No one can have failed to notice the change from dark mornings and evenings and the weather if not wonderful, has at least changed from unremitting dullness, wet and cold to a more amenable bright spring sunshine - often preceded by mist or fog before "burning off" to give a bright day often accompanied by a chill wind. Still it"s progress, the snowdrops have passed and the crocuses have been making a show in gardens, greens and verges and about to be replaced by cheeky daffodils. Sorry if I seem to be waxing lyrical in nature but I think many people - myself included - find the winter months a difficult time when sloth sets in.

Once spring shows itself to be just around the corner then we all feel a bit happier and uplifted. The downside is that I cannot put off too long the evil day when I must open up all my workshop doors and have a proper spring clean. It"s become a bit of a dumping ground and tasks that shouldn"t take too long, or be awkward to do, have been obstructed by piles of boards and unsorted tools and junk. I really am going to need to choose a fine weekend without any other commitments and get down to this nitty-gritty task. The workshop, which is quite large at one and a half cars widths - if you could still get a car inside - has had the roof re-felted last year, the roof has been insulated and it has a tongue and groove chipboard flooring over insulation board and plastic sheet. The one major job outstanding is to paint the floor to make it lighter and cleaner than the natural, but paint splashed board surface. The only problem is that everything has to be removed from the floor to make this possible. Mm, well I really am going to need to be full of the joys of spring to "man up" to that task.

In the meantime I will be at the newish, but much expanded Midland Woodworking Show, Newark Showground, which is on 27-28 March. So if you see me wandering around the Show, do stop me and say hello, it"s always good to meet readers and have a bit of chinwag!

Until next time

Anthony Bailey

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