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Anthony Bailey

Friday, November 28, 2014

Any day now it will be December, but already I"ve seen quite a few decorated Christmas trees and decorations hanging in shopping centres and town high streets. For retailers Christmas can"t come soon enough and the more recent invention copied from America of "Black Friday", when bargains are to be had before the festive season has even got underway. The "deccys" can look lovely but by the end of the year it can become a little wearing still seeing them up. I"m not being Scrooge-like, but Christmas does get a little overladen with tidings of seasonal bargains and consumer goodies aplenty. While this is getting into the swing of things, I"m trying hard not to behave like a "headless chicken" while putting together the next issue of Woodworking Plans & Projects. Time is short, but I need to get the job done properly and in a timely manner. In any case being an Editor of this magazine at least, is rather like the plate spinning act you could once see on TV variety shows except I"m not just spinning plates, I"m making some at the same time i.e. writing magazine articles, while editing as well, an interesting challenge that not people want or would care to cope with!

Now, if I can get everything done in the next few weeks, I can hopefully manage some time to relax over Christmas, punctuated by family visits and joining the milling throng to go shopping and of course some DIY jobs still outstanding...

Until next time,

Anthony Bailey

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