Beat The Christmas Rush


Anthony Bailey

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

No, not you - us, I mean... Just about every monthly magazine on the planet will be girding its loins metaphorically speaking, in order to work faster, smarter and get everything ready for the printing presses before the Christmas holiday break, during which nothing to do with publishing moves. It"s a dead time, but the consequences are deadlines both before and after the festive break even shorter than the normal working cycle, which is not a month in fact, but twenty working days maximum, but usually shorter than that for a variety of reasons - I"m beginning to break out in a sweat already!

However, there are some healthy distractions in the GMC Workshop thankfully. My colleague, F&C editor Derek Jones, is making up a variety of traditional waxes on his workbench so the smells of wax, turpentine and other ingredients assails the nostrils when entering the cabinet shop.

For my part, most of the magazine content for this issue is done although I"m doing the latest in my joints series tomorrow. It"s a good test of how accurate my hand tool work really is and a chance to try different tools and techniques. With any luck by the end of tomorrow another article will be "in the bag" and I can relax a little. However, there is always forward planning to do, not just for next month, but thinking far into the future even though 2015 is still away off!

By way of a change, in my evenings I"m busy mortar rendering a troublesome damp wall that I have painted with tanking compound, so I"m never "off the tolls" for long. Still as my wife is apt to say "better to wear out than rust away" - yeah right...

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