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Anthony Bailey

Friday, August 8, 2014

It"s weird to realise another week has shot by, the year seems to be galloping away. After the heavy downpour last week which broke the dry spell of weather, we were threatened with more of the same. The forecasts haven"t been that precise and one community"s washout can be the next village"s sunshine patch, you just can"t tell...

So, I took a day off to check all the roofs and gutters on our terraced cottage. I knew beforehand there were problems - a leak through the kitchen slate roof and blocked guttering. The kitchen roof situation appeared to be where heavy rain was running under the slates to one side of a Velux rooflight. I decided the quick, easy solution was a run of flashing tape which I applied in scorching heat coming from the slates that threatened to leave me with skin burns it was so ridiculously hot! Okay, the next downpour should prove whether the first aid has worked. Next, it meant shinning up a high ladder to hook all the muck out of the gutter so the water wouldn"t overflow and fit an extra bracket to keep the gutter profile in shape. Considering I"m a tree-lover, my advice would be don"t live near an ash (Fraxinus excelsior) tree or just chop it down…. Ash "keys" are an absolute menace, they all clog up together, then dirt and moss get caught up too and the result is a forest garden in your guttering. As it is I"m often yanking out ash saplings from our front garden as they attempt to take over the world - or so it seems. At the bottom of our garden the workshop gutters had clogged up with pine needles, not so difficult access but still a nuisance to be cleared.

So much as I love nature in all it"s wonders and especially trees, they can be a bloody nuisance at times!

Until next time.

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