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Design appreciation


Briony Darnley

29 August 2014

So, this week Anthony has been out of the office, following the two weeks in which Mark Baker and Derek Jones have been out, so things have been a little hectic. Next week, however, everyone is back and things should all be back to normal. I have recently been researching for some more ‘Wonderful Wo ...

Stopping the rot


Anthony Bailey

22 August 2014

Well, not quite stopping it but removing would be more correct. As part of my work with our local volunteer footpath maintenance group I get to do the woodwork, as that is my speciality. This week I"ve had two waymark fingerposts to repair - these are the signs that point in the direction of a f ...

Just In Time...


Anthony Bailey

8 August 2014

It"s weird to realise another week has shot by, the year seems to be galloping away. After the heavy downpour last week which broke the dry spell of weather, we were threatened with more of the same. The forecasts haven"t been that precise and one community"s washout can be the next vill ...

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