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Anthony Bailey

Monday, July 7, 2014

Whatever normal is… define normal. However, the past few weeks have been mad for me. Moving one daughter out of our house with her considerable belongings and another daughter is back home complete with all her workshop equipment and workbenches, which has taken up a lot of my time, been stressful and tiring, while still managing to turn out a very respectable issue of Woodworking Plans and Projects - I"m glad to say! Last weekend we took part in our village festival, which included among many other things, a woodland walk for all the primary school children, based on favourite children"s books with some woodland and wildlife education sneaked in as well. We also had our "garden open" to the public for charity and since it features a "pirate garden" there were some jolly pirates in attendance to both threaten and amuse visitors!

The magazine for this issue is pretty much "put to bed" and ready soon to go off to the printers, so I have been planning and scheming what changes to make to improve the content and "look" of the magazine - so we shall see in due course.

In the meantime it"s my wife"s birthday this weekend has reached the milestone age of 60, like myself, so it will be a big family celebration, which won"t stop me doing some DIY projects over the weekend too. We need a fold-out sun canopy for seats, in what we rather pretentiously refer to as the "courtyard". I also need to make a second "pallet chair" for my eldest daughter as she really loves the first one I made for the magazine, issue 96 due to come out on the 10 July.

I have included a sneak peek of it to see what you think. It is very comfortable and relaxing with some cushions in place. For anyone "strapped for cash but strong on style", or simply wanting garden seating, it"s a great way to go!

Until next time, Anthony Bailey.


1. Myself and my eldest son Alex, hopefully dressed to impress - not too scary though…

2. Trying out the newly created pallet chair "sans upholstery", but fairly comfortable even without cushions


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