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Anthony Bailey

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This Bank Holiday weekend just gone, was a mix of activities for me, as I’m sure it also was for many other people. One highlight was when we visited Steyning in West Sussex, not too many miles from us. We only discovered Steyning late last year and now found an excuse to go back, notionally the rather comprehensive sweet shop, that stocks sugar-free sweets, which my wife enjoys. The thatched Cobblestones Café is another stopping place, off the high street in this ancient town with its many and varied architectural styles, including many "jettied" properties, where the oak (Quercus robur) framed upper storeys project over the pavements. It is lovely place to wander hand-in-hand and just browse the shop windows, enjoying the warm spring sunshine.

The previous week I had completely cleaned up and maintained my Record BS300 bandsaw, including treating it to a new 4tpi skip-tooth blade as the other had gone seriously "off" and was quite blunt. Then, I had to deal with loads of old wood to convert as burning material for the woodburning stove - complete with earth, woodlice and nails as I said in my last blog.

So, this weekend I had to replace the new blade, which was as blunt now as the previous one! Oh dear, more cost but at least the replacement went on in about ten minutes with a little adjustment to the guides. It was just as well, because one of my nieces, Sophie, who is in her last year of a MA degree in architecture, needed to saw lots of very precisely thicknessed strips of dense polyurethane foam building panels for a scale model and equally large amounts of expanded polystyrene equilateral triangular strips, that looked rather like those scrumptious Swiss chocolate bars, but not very tasty in this case! So, with my digital angle rule getting the bandsaw table set at precisely 60° and a piece of prepared hardwood clamped to the fence to give the correct spacing, she was able to make lots of these scale building components very accurately.

It just goes to show the extremes to which bandsaws can be put, after all I have used it to slice frozen fish before now, what"s the weirdest thing you"ve cut on your bandsaw?

Until next time, Anthony Bailey

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