Turning full circle


Anthony Bailey

Monday, April 28, 2014

This past weekend I was doing my usual DIY catch-up and not getting the car washed - again. I"ll get there eventually, but there seem to be too many things to put right, having just repaired the windblown garden fence, restored some sets of old shop drawers for "the lady of the house" and cut up loads of partly rotted wood for next winter’s fire, come the cold weather.

This last activity rather brought home to me the "circle of life". A neighbour of ours, Lionel, died unexpectedly after Christmas last year. He was a professor of analogue electronics and one sage piece of advice I remember him giving me a while ago - when our phone wires had a breakage outside the house - was that the reason the internet still worked, but the phone didn"t was due to "high frequency transfer inductance". In other words, high frequency broadband signals could "jump" across a wire gap, but low frequency phone signals couldn"t! Helpful advice, Lionel.

Anyway, back to the pile of old wood, which Lionel never got around to disposing of. I had to cut it all up, bag it and put under dry store this weekend, ready for burning later. In the process, I disturbed whole colonies of woodlice and various spiders, one so big I was concerned it might be the dreaded "false widow", but a clash of falling boards decided its fate anyhow.

I think what it shows up yet again, is how biological activity takes place whatever. In fact, having disturbed all those insects feasting on whatever they could, the wood will be burnt, carbon will be transferred into the atmosphere and trees will capture it - so long as there are enough trees left of course - and then those very trees, which also harbour living creatures, will in turn be cut down at some stage and turned into usable resources, such as construction material, printed matter and fuel. It"s all pretty clever and it"s gone on for a very, very long time.

We just need to respect that and "do our bit" to help this regeneration process work...

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