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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Last weekend was predictably a busy one DIY-wise. Having re-felted every garden outbuilding a few weeks ago, it was finally time to do my workshop. At 20 x 12ft, with a mansard style roof with drop sides, this was a bit of an undertaking. However, I did the job originally when I first built the workshop about eighteen years ago, so I knew what was involved. The existing felt wasn"t in great shape of course, but at least it hadn"t bubbled or torn away. I did my usual trick and used plenty of roofing felt adhesive and over-felted with new heavy grade mineral coated felt. All the pieces were pre-cut the evening before and the roof was swept thoroughly before starting. The whole job took all day and then I put lines of bricks down on felt overlaps, because being nearly flat on top, save for a shallow ridge board underneath the centre, with tapered firring pieces on top of all the roof joists butted up to the ridge board, it was potentially vulnerable to leakage, so I wanted to make sure it was sealed tight against water ingress. Anyone reading this will appreciate just how important the condition of a workshop is, with all its valuable contents and the risk of humidity and dampness. I"m pleased to say the whole job went off well and now I can turn my attention to the next overdue domestic task, fencing repairs. I"ll keep you posted, if you"ll excuse the pun.

In the meantime, there is the small matter of producing a magazine. My apologies if you have a copy of WPP93, where a printing error has resulted in a problem, causing one page of a bandsaw test to go missing. Get in touch and I will send you a PDF of the complete article. However, the production of the latest issue is ticking along nicely, so once I have completed my latest batch of articles, I shall have a well earned rest for a few days over Easter. I hope you all have a pleasant break too.

Until next time, Anthony Bailey

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