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Anthony Bailey

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finally shaking off the winter holiday break, we have just had a fairly massive domestic turnaround. Changing rooms and ‘repurposing’ them, in particular, the summerhouse is now a craft room as we are such a ‘crafty’ family. That still leaves my workshop to be sorted out. In spite of the weather, which insists in being unpleasant, I really need to rebuild the wind damaged fence and have a workshop spring clean, so when spring comes and I want to get stuck into some ‘proper’ woodwork, I’m not still trying to deal with various problems that might get in the way of progress. On that same tack, we have a mouse problem in our loft, I believe. One of the light circuits has shorted and failed, and despite professional testing, the cause isn’t evident but past experience suggests a rodent has chewed some cable and fried as a result! Nasty….

Anyway, the solution will be to use a large diameter Lenox holesaw to cut access holes in the loft chipboard flooring, and use an inspection mirror and light to locate the problem. Once the discs are cut out, I can screw a batten underneath each access hole and refit the disc, with mastic around the edges to seal them. Dealing with DIY problems seems to be the underlying theme of my life, and many of the jobs involve woodwork too. It generates waste wood for the woodburner at the same time, so it isn’t all bad news by any means.

If you have read Woodworking Plans and Projects magazine recently, you will have noticed we cover DIY woodworking based problems, hopefully some of these techniques will be useful to you too.

Lastly, as a bit of a teaser, those of you who had contact with my previous deputy Simon, may know that he left a while ago to travel around Italy and get various experiences that will benefit him in the future. Well, we now have a new deputy in the ‘woodie’ office, her name is Briony Darnley. Young and keen as mustard, she is ready to learn about the ways of us woodworkers and the things we get up to. No doubt Briony will be doing a blog here very soon. Please make her feel welcome.

Until next time,

Anthony Bailey

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