A Damp Start


Anthony Bailey

Friday, January 3, 2014

A rather ironic title for any of our visitors to this website who may find themselves under flood water in their homes. Here at the magazine we have not long been back to work and thankfully, so far, Lewes, here in Sussex, hasn’t suffered the heavy flooding it did some years ago. Although by good luck, rather than design, our offices sit on high ground so we don’t actually get wet. So much for the promised snow we were going to get before and after Christmas!

Anyway, we are also back in the company workshop which is out of town, again on high ground but quite vulnerable to high winds. The roof seems secure for now and relatively warm inside the workshop and the kettle is on. So having had a much needed break, it"s time to think about what content to put in the magazine this year. Every so often we like to shake things up a bit and refresh it and help keep it interesting.

Incidentally, I’ve just bought an unused 50-year-old German made wooden rebate plane, which I’m looking forward to putting into use - it hasn’t even been sharpened! At a cost of £29 it is a lot cheaper than the Record or Clifton equivalent and hopefully with a keen edge it should do as good a job. I just need a project to make - that is the prefect excuse to try it out.

At home in the workshop it is a slightly different story - currently cold and dark and storing various things we don’t have room for anywhere else. Now the winter break is over I really must get out there and get things moving again, even if it is just cutting up all the fence panels that got blown down the other day in the high winds. Shame it is all rather wet, it won’t go on the woodburning stove just yet…..

Until next time, Anthony Bailey

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