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Straight and Level


Anthony Bailey

26 November 2013

Last week, I was making up a butcher"s block for the magazine: all the strips of end grain were cut, glued and assembled, then clamped up and left to set. So far so good. A serious belt sanding with 80 grit over the end grain surfaces flatted it quite effectively, but I then needed to true up th ...

Seat of Learning


Anthony Bailey

19 November 2013

When I’m not busy putting a magazine together, or making projects and doing techniques to go in the magazine, I’m never far removed from some aspect of woodworking or wood. Last Friday I was at our village footpath group who are responsible for maintaining stiles and paths in the area, as well as ca ...



Simon Frost

12 November 2013

Hi all, I’m sad, though excited, to say that this is my last WPP blog, as I am leaving GMC today and getting ready for a year of travelling in Italy, beginning in one week! I have been here for some 20 months now and working with the WPP team has been a pleasure. I have learned such a lot from my co ...

Remember, remember


Anthony Bailey

5 November 2013

Here in rainwashed Lewes, the town is readying itself for what is the original and one of the biggest celebrations of Guy Fawkes Night, and being town steeped in history – the Gunpowder Plot, the Battle of Lewes, Tom Paine, the Lewes Martyrs, Simon DeMontfort, the destruction of Lewes Priory by Henr ...

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