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The sun has put his hat on...


Anthony Bailey

23 August 2013

Well, I’m entirely sorry to say we are all off on holiday, the WPP crew that is, but not the same destination! It’s been an interesting time between holiday breaks and still getting the magazine done in time, oh that remorseless monthly production cycle... In my spare time I’ve still been buying and ...

Keeping my nose to the grindstone


Anthony Bailey

9 August 2013

An expression about working hard, possibly also in an academic context, dating back as far as the 16th century, it aptly describes my return to work after a week off. Thankfully my ‘team’ had put the last issue of WPP ‘to bed’ apart from a few bits and pieces so at least there was no panic, but of c ...



Simon Frost

2 August 2013

Hi all, You will have noticed if you’re a reader of WPP, or any of our magazines for that matter, that we have a competition running at the moment – in fact, there are two. The Triton Woodworker of the Year and the Triton Young Woodworker of the Year competitions are accepting entries until 31 Octob ...

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