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The sun has (finally) put his hat on!


Anthony Bailey

23 April 2013

The weather forecasters have at last taken the hint and given us a modicum of decent weather (I do blame them for the poor weather...). So, I was out in the garden over the weekend like everyone else judging by the cacophony of lawnmowers and hedgetrimmers in action, not to mention the twittering of ...

Friday 12 April 2013


Simon Frost

12 April 2013

Hi all, Hope you are all well. I am feeling a little wistful myself, as I have decided that the time has come to part with some things which were (and as I have now realised, still are) quite special to me; my electric guitars. Once upon a time they were truly adored; I saved and saved for them, tes ...

A student of sharpening


Anthony Bailey

4 April 2013

Record T5, abandoned, but still showing promise, the little thumb plane was bought at the same time I don"t claim to be an expert at sharpening edge tools. However I"m getting in plenty of practice and finding the methods that suit me having watched others better qualified than me or picked  ...

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