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It’s lookin’ a lot like Christmas!


Anthony Bailey

22 March 2013

Well, down here in partly sunny Sussex this Friday it seems fine but up north there’s trouble brewing in the shape of what surely must be the last heavy dump of snow this spring? Please say it is? Anyway, I due at the NEC Birmingham tomorrow to do photography at the Miniatura Show and it’s not looki ...

Double deadlines!


Simon Frost

14 March 2013

If you keep up with the blog for Woodcarving as well as this one, you may have seen that I am now working as Deputy Editor for that magazine on top of WPP, and with the deadline for both magazines being tomorrow, I appear to have neglected my WPP blog! Needless to say, it has been a busy week, and I ...



Anthony Bailey

4 March 2013

Well, nothing can ever stay the same especially in publishing. So, with time in hand on the magazine it seemed like a good opportunity to rebuild a key area of the GMC woodwork cabinet shop. I get bored in any case if things stay the same too long but I guess readers are likely to feel the same too, ...

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