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Any icy blast


Anthony Bailey

21 February 2013

Isn’t it just? Today there is a lethal blast of cold Scandinavian air whistling around the GMC Workshop which sits on slightly high exposed ground. I feel sorry for the roofers working ninety feet up on a nearby house, I’m surprised they haven’t frozen to the spot... I’ve got time to write this blog ...

Friday 15 February 2013


Simon Frost

15 February 2013

My turn to write a blog this week, and what is there to say that hasn’t been said yet? We’re just wrapping up another issue of the mag at the moment and beginning on the next, there’s really no end – before one repro cycle has finished, the next has already begun! At the same time, the hard copy of  ...

Dust to dustbag


Anthony Bailey

8 February 2013

Do you know, I thought I really ought to take my own advice and finally install an integrated dust extraction system in my home workshop. So, instead of the existing ad hoc setup where extractors get swapped between jobs and machines, I lashed out and bought a small(ish) bore system that now crosses ...

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