Come rain, come shine, come snow?...


Anthony Bailey

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It’s a bit nippy outside. I was so chilly the other day, that instead of making wooden things and being creative I went through my home workshop like a dose of salts converting anything that looked like wood, into lengths short enough to burn to keep the house warm, anyone with a wooden leg would have fallen over...

The latest mag is nearly ready to ‘put to bed’ so I had a fit on at the GMC Workshop and tidied the machine shop and goods storage area as it was becoming a jumble. After a few trips to the site bonfire and to the local tip it’s a lot clearer and so is my state of mind! Now I can concentrate on the next issue and beyond, but the only problem on the immediate horizon is – snow. We are all pretty much due for a covering of the white stuff and as we all know this will bring the country temporarily to its knees despite the authorities’ protestations to the contrary. The last two really bad winters have meant my working from home for a day or two until the worst had passed, unlike most of my office-based colleagues who have to try and fight their way into work, the so called ‘snow days’. Fortunately I have various things pre-positioned in my own workshop so I just carry on as normal apart from having a bit of a clear up first. Well, I hope you all aren’t too inconvenienced by the weather, it’s all part of living where we do, it doesn’t last after all. Next it will be a drought of course, and then flooding.

Still, my brother-in-law and his family in Brisbane, Australia have had the opposite end of the spectrum to contend with – heat, raging bush fires and smog. Now that is a lot of burning wood...

Until next time, Anthony Bailey.

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