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Friday 28 September 2012


Simon Frost

28 September 2012

Hi all, it’s been a little while since I posted a blog as I was on holiday last week – and much needed it was too! After a busy period of work and moving house without having a lot of free time to settle in, I decided not to spend my pennies and time organising a trip abroad and instead spent the we ...

The Season of Mellow Fruitfulness


Anthony Bailey

18 September 2012

Well, the days are drawing in but mostly they are sunny with a crisp start in the mornings, as September invariably is a pleasant time of year I find. Farmers all around us at the workshop have been busy getting the harvest in. Most of my outside and DIY jobs are completed and a retreat to the home  ...

Fear of the known


Anthony Bailey

5 September 2012

Well, after two weeks off enjoying mainly sunny British weather interspersed with some dull patches with rest and recuperation thrown in, it’s back to the GMC grindstone. Actually it isn’t the work that bothers me or the relentless monthly publishing cycles – but the dreaded emails…. In the event my ...

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