Phew! What a Scorcher


Anthony Bailey

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No, I don’t mean the weather, I mean the 2012 Olympics and Team GB in particular. Anyone even half awake during the last couple of weeks cannot have avoided not just the presence of this global sporting event but our home grown successes. The likes of Mo Farah, Nicola Adams and Chris Hoy to mention just three out of a large bevy of medal winners and dare I say it, some not so happy and somewhat unexpected losers. All their efforts are fantastic and the world’s press tell us these were the ‘happiest’ Games ever and that we as a nation have ‘refound’ ourselves. What I think about though, is the vast amount of enterprise and skills that went into building the facilities and making the amazing opening and closing ceremonies work and keeping the Games running smoothly throughout. I think we are nation with lots of skill and talent both practical and more cerebral. We just need a chance to put all those capabilities to good use. Well, I’m going give mine a rest for a couple of weeks as I’m off on my annual holidays. No doubt Simon will be keeping you up to date with things, but until next time take care and whatever you do, do it well. Anthony Bailey

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