Friday 3 August 2012


Simon Frost

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hi everybody, it"s been a manic one here this week – it"s deadline day for WPP today, and the final push this week has been a bit of a bigger push than usual, with the odd last-minute mishap threatening the sanity of the WPP team at times. Thankfully it looks like we’re pretty much wrapped up on this one now... so onto the next! I"ve also had quite a bit on my plate this week sorting out all those fine details with letting agents for my move on Monday, and the weekend is going to be spent signing contracts, handing over unpleasant sums of money and packing... moving house is always exciting but I do worry something"s going to go horribly wrong at the last minute (a bit like making an issue of WPP!), I just can"t wait to put down the last box in the new flat, shut the door and raise a beer with my flatmates. Home sweet home!

Tegan"s off on a well deserved break next week, so Miriam and I will be filling in updating the Woodworkers Institute twice a day... hopefully there’ll be something new for the WPP pages, so that picture of me on my way up the windmill staircase isn’t the first thing you see... I"d imagine website hits have been down this week!

By the way, our copies of the next issue are now here; I think it’s the best one I’ve worked on yet! 9th of August (next Thursday) is the sale date, so if you still haven’t got issue 70, you"d better get your skates on!

Happy weekend everyone :) Si

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