Anthony Bailey

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yes, it’s sunny for a while, the whole of today hopefully, it fair lifts the spirits what? Just about to leave the office and its splendid view of the South Downs beyond the town and head for the GMC workshop with my deputy Simon. He needs to get a bit of woodworking practice in and take a bit of the load off me in the process. I also need to get ready for the Axe Vale Show in Devon on 23rd-24th June, with Derek Jones F&C editor and myself doing a little light demonstrating and meeting our public. So all the handtools, wood and dinky new bench have to be readied for the off when they get collected this Friday. Anyone who has ‘done’ a show will know how much preparation is involved to make sure everything is delivered, setup and got ready.

In the meantime I need to getting for the mag again and making the odd (not literally) project. Maybe its warm enough to sit outside the workshop at lunchtime? I’ve had too much of living a mole-like existence dodging rain clouds and stuck indoors.

Hopefully see you at the show? If not do keep reading WPP and checking out our fantastic website as well!

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